“Blue” Original Painting


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Title: Blue

Dimensions: 24 x 36

Medium: Acrylic

Year: 2022

Artist: Lakota Fae



“Blue” is the discovery that you can relinquish life’s woes and still keep your peace…that there is honor in resting, that there is honor in taking a smoke break, or taking a nap, or doing nothing at all. Self-preservation is the key to our survival. 

I used the color ‘prussian blue’ because it is one of my favorite colors, and before I began to use it, I researched the history of prussian blue. Through this  exploration, I found out that prussian blue was used to make the original blueprints in 1842. In this moment I felt very much in alignment because I had recently gotten very frustrated because I seen another artist copy one of my works, for the second time. So when I heard that, it was like God telling me “don’t worry, you’re the blueprint”. This whisper of redirection affirmed that I am here to do my work, and not to worry about anything else.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that God is in this painting, and guided me from the beginning to end.


Price: $499.99 (payment plan available upon request for 3 month maximum)

Certificate of Authenticity will provided to collector.

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