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I will be selecting up to 8 artists to showcase their work in a gallery style venue in Brooklyn,NY on Friday December 10th 2021. The theme of this showcase is “Reflection”.
The concept is an investigation of what has emerged from an extraordinary time and space. It is how we look back without going back. What did it all mean to you? Artists should present work they have created in 2020 and 2021 that evoke expression, meaning, and thought. Artists will be selected based upon their creativity, artistic expression, and their ability to articulate the underlying meaning of their pieces. Your work should be representative of your answer to that question. I will be holding zoom meetings prior to the showcase to guide artists in creating their artist statement, work statement, marketing/selling strategies for their work, and just as an open forum to ask any questions to make each individuals experience successful.

I will be guiding you on how to price your pieces, how to make this event work FOR YOU, and will also answer any questions related to art, marketing, and writing.

Pieces must be no smaller than 16 x 24 inches.
There will be a 4 piece maximum for each artist.
There is a $50 fee for each participating artist.

Please submit up to 8 pieces of work to be considered for the show.

Thank you so much!

To Submit:

Please answer the following & send to my email (yes/no/maybe):

  1. Do you have an artist statement?
  2. Do you have a work statement?
  3. Do you need guidance pricing your work?
  4. Have you participated in an art show/gallery before?
  5. Would you like help with marketing?

6. Please send pictures of at least 4 works of art to be considered for the show.

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