The Unwanted Editors

My writing is identity expressive. No matter what I write I can’t escape my gender, my race, or my sexuality. Mostly everything that I write and say wreaks of my politics and my reality- and I will not filter, and I will not backspace ‘black’ for ‘all’, and I will not worry about what someone who is not me thinks, because they are not me. My writing is unapologetic, and it has to be to preserve the authenticity of my story and my world. If you can’t understand that, and if you don’t like it, then it is not for you. Not everything has to be politicized and challenged- sometimes it is best to understand that you don’t live in this body, and you don’t live in this world- and no matter how strong your desire is to understand and to learn- sometimes you never will. You will never understand what it means to be black; To be socially and politically aware, to be the resistance, to be a voice – where everyone would rather you be silent, you don’t know the rage that lives inside me and how I am still trying to figure out how to balance my disgust and love that I have for this country. It is a difficult thing you know? For everyone to want your opinion, your voice, your writing- sometimes for ventures of plagiarism, sometimes just to be ‘the devils advocate’, sometimes to breathe victim-theory down your throat, sometimes just to tell me ‘we are not all the time same’, and like I get it, but you don’t get me.

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